All Chemicals you need


Keeping the environmental clean and maximizing the benefits from the available resources, and after long detailed study, our company has started the activity of recycling the expired and by product chemicals, and treating the chemicals that have industrial defects for transferring them into valid usable chemicals, according to the environmental conditions.

Maximum Quality, and Efficiency

Maximum quality is our aim, and efficiency is the way through it, we achieve quality. Jabel Aly Chem Company does the best to approve that efficiency is an Egyptian skill, so JAC adopts the latest theories of Science, employs the most professional chemists and skilful working hands, and exerts endless efforts to achieve the goal.


Trading & Indentity
Jabel Aly Chem Company has main trading principles; credibility and commitment are in the heart of them.

Jabel Aly Chem Company bears on shoulders the responsibility of purchasing and importing from other countries to provide the customers` needs from sources, all over the world, and to cover the inquiries and demands of all different fields of life.

Manufacturing for others
Jabel Aly Chem Co. Is authorized to manufacture for others. This enables the customers to produce new products which are different from the ones they already produce. So, we always try to develop new products in different fields such as fertilizers,feed additives, plasticizers and others.


Commercial Products
Jabel Aly Chem company ` s list of commercial products is long, comprehensive and integrated. JAC puts into consideration that the commercial products have to cover all the chemical fields, such as fertilizers , detergents , paints , cosmetics, food industries, feed additives, pharmaceutical, petroleum, foam, glass industries , ceramic industries …etc

Mill products

Jabel Aly Chem`s vision to establish its mill emerged from the lack of the Egyptian market to necessary chemical products. JAC `s mill was built to fill the gap in the field of the chemical industries. The products which JAC produce are not only indispensable for the local market and the chemical industries world in Egypt, but create a chance to boost Egypt's relationships with the other countries through the exporting gate, as well.